Help!! I’m Tired Of This Already!


woman with brown baby carrier and little kid in white jacket
Photo by Josh Willink on                                                                                  

We have been inside for a while now, tempers are getting short , screaming is starting to happen, punishing, bribing, and threatening is being used to get children to do what you want. Help!

If that’s you,  Edwina’s answers to a parent’s cry for help is here!!

I know you love your child and you would really regret it if in anger you did something to hurt your child. Being locked inside for so long you are growing weary trying to be a “good” parent. Children can be manipulative and it can be challenging to get them to do what you want them to do.

Let me share a few things I’ve found helpful.

6 Tips to Stay Sane

  • When you feel yourself getting upset–BREATHE
  • Children equate love and attention. You have time to give them lots of attention. Read books, play games together, cook together, wash clothes together.. you can add more!
  • Exercise – walk, run, jump, dance to music, play ball…whatever gets you moving!!
  • Let everybody have a quiet ALONE time each day. ( choose a time and stick to it.)
  • Choose to say words that heal not hurt. Remember after a word is spoken you can’t take it back! Sometime it’s best to say nothing.
  • Have a check – up  family meeting. Talk about the facts – what’s to be expected. Without interruption  let  everyone say how they feel. Feelings are neither right nor wrong, so accept the feeling. This is a healing time when feelings can be discussed without  comments, judgments or disagreements. Thank everyone for sharing and reassure them you will get through this TOGETHER!!















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