Creative Ideas for Prayer Time

green praying mantis in close up photography
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Prayer time can be a fun time for the family.

May these creative ideas be helpful!

  • Prayer partners.  Pray by twos.
  • Hand squeeze: Hold hands in circle.  Each person prays silently, and when finished you squeeze the hand you are holding.
  • ACTS Prayer:  Pray one sentence prayers following this formula: A = adoration to God,  C = confession of guilt, T = thanksgiving, S = supplication (asking God for something).
  • Scripture prayer:  Read a scripture that is a prayer, or read a scripture and have your prayer centered on that theme.
  • Popcorn prayer: This does not involve eating. The words popping out of your mouth remind one of corn popping.  Families can decide to see how many things that can think of to thank God for and say it quickly. It doesn’t matter what the prayer is.  It’s just saying it quickly like corn popping.
  • Prayer collage:  Cut out pictures of things you are thankful for and glue them to a large sheet of paper, making a collage.
  • Prayer walks: Decide to walk around the neighborhood and pray for each house.
  • Alphabet prayer: When the children are old enough to know the alphabet, start with A and see if they can think of a word that describes God or something that God made that starts with that letter.  For example:  A – apple God made, or A – almighty, amazing, awesome God.
  • M&M prayers:  Dump a handful of M&Ms on a plate.  Let each child choose one color  –  yellow, brown, green, or red.  The colors determine what is prayed about.
    • Yellow: adoring God (pray about what you like about God)
    • Brown: confession, telling God sorry.
    • Green: thanking God.
    • Red: making special requests of God (praying for something you want God to do or give you).
  • Lord’s Prayer chain:  Get in a circle and say the prayer one phrase at a time.  Or for older children, cut out strips of paper and have them write phrases of the Lord’s Prayer on them and put them in the correct order, making a chain.  Tape the strips together.
  • Sensory prayers:  This prayer helps to reinforce something you’re talking about in a Bible lesson or scripture.  Chew a piece of fruit, feel a feather, rub a furry real or stuffed animal, be creative, and enjoy praying to God.

We teach our children about God in everything we do. Remember, wherever we are it’s worship.

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