Teaching the Memory Verse Using a Multisensory Approach

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We have brains that can store LOTS of information. When we incorporate all sensory avenues maximum learning takes place. We want our children to see, feel, hear, and apply God’s Word to our lives. When teaching memory verses, here are a few ideas using a multi-sensory approach. All ages can benefit from these activities.

Supplies needed

  • color markers
  • construction paper
  • index cards (4×6 or 5×7 for younger or whatever paper is available)
  • CD player (Steve Green scripture CDs are great)
  •  sign language illustrations
  • bouncing ball

Multi-sensory approaches to teaching the Bible verse:

  • Introduce the Bible verse by clapping each word (every syllable), introducing the Bible text.
  • Clap hands first and then say, “Let’s pat our knees and say the memory verse. Now let’s tell our shoulders, elbows legs, etc.”
  • Write the memory verse on index cards (can cut out 4×6 or 5×8 inch paper for younger children ). Lay the cards out on the floor as you say each word. Have the child/children repeat after you. The younger children learn to sight-read the words quickly. For older children, mix up the words and have the child put the memory verse in the right order.
  • While the words are on the floor, sing the scripture song and point to each word as you sing. (Can make up your own song)
  • Have each child take turns bouncing a ball to the words in the memory verse. If the child is too young to bounce, —roll the ball to each other as one of the words in the memory verse is being said. Help them til they get it. Enjoy!
  • Get in a circle of chairs or on the floor in a circle. (This is great for families with  lots of children!!) This is played like “Duck ,duck, goose” but as the children go around and touch each head, all the children are saying the memory verse together. The child whose head is tapped on the last word in the verse gets up and runs to the empty space. If the tapper tags the child being chased before he or she reaches the open seat, that child becomes the tapper. If the tapper makes it to the empty seat first it’s the other child’s turn.
  • Perform scripture songs using sign language (See online videos).
  • Put memory verse on decorated banners and march while saying the verse.
  • Pass out strips of paper with each word of the memory verse. Have the children stand in the correct order or put them on the floor in order for small groups, then have the children tape or glue the strips together making a memory verse chain.
  • Give out a sheet of paper and have the children illustrate the memory verse. There are no right or wrong ways to do it. The pictures they draw are what the memory verse means to each individual. Display the pictures on the wall.
  • Food to taste can enhance the meaning of a verse. For example, if the memory verse is, “He (God) gives food to every living creature,” have a plate of different food to taste. In my book Thank You God for my Food, you will find a scripture for every food learned. In the back of the book find “Activity Go Alongs” with recipes and activities to enhance learning. Thank God for you gifts_children!

May you have Joy learning together.!!

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