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Making a Smooth Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten

Your child is ready for Kindergarten when you believe he/she is ready. Stay positive and your child will feel your joy and look forward to going to school.

Here are a few tips to help with readiness:

  • Go over the schedule you will have when school starts-practice what is expected at least a week before school starts
  • Take the child to the school you will be going to. Talk about what the school looks like, where you enter, and where his/her room will be. If you can meet the teacher beforehand that would be great. Set up a time to meet with the teacher and share with him/her what your child’s personality is like, what they like to do and what your child is good at doing. Share any fears or allergies your child may have.
  • Talk about the differences that will be in Kindergarten. Find out the schedule and let your child know what it is.
  • Let your child know who will pick them up and what time. If they have to go to aftercare explain what that means and how long. Assure your child that you will be back to get them. Let them practice saying, “Mommy/ Daddy will be back to get me”. This helps with separation anxiety. They need to be sure they will see you again.
  • Read, read, read to your child! This develops their attention span. Praise them when they sit still and listen! Good listening makes for good success.
  • Stay away from the word “Don’t” and tell your child what you want her/him to do at school. For example instead of saying, ” don’t talk when the teacher is talking,” say “listen when your teacher is talking.”
  • Believe your child will have a good year! Tell him/her “you are going to have a great year in Kindergarten”! Watch what happens when we let Love shine through.

Remember your child is a gift! ERN









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