School Is Closed! Now What?




photo of girl beside a huge snowman
Try some creative things you can do with your children when school is closed.
I had 4 children to keep happy when school was closed because of snow, ice, cold or whatever the reason.  If you don’t have snow where you live you can still do snow art. Look at snow pictures on the computer.
Because each child is so different I found it was good to do a variety of things.
I’m sharing a few ideas. Hope they will be helpful.
Fun in snow
Build a fort, make snowman, make snow angels, slide down a snow hill
Collect a bucket full of snow let it melt and notice how much water compared to snow.
If you have ice sickles collect them and see if it takes them longer to melt than snow. Save an ice sickle and keep it in the freezer for fun.
Fun in the kitchen
Make hot chocolate
Make cookies and shape them like a snow man. Vertical snowmen are interesting. When you make them flat it’s fun to make a face with nuts raisin or whatever you have.
Make bread-biscuit or any quick yeast bread. Shape the dough into a snow man.
Make pizza with whatever you have-bagels. English muffins, bread.
Make soup with whatever you have in the kitchen that would taste good. Onions, tomato sauce/paste, fresh tomatoes, chop up (use food processor for your little people) celery, carrots, potatoes, beans season with salt and herbs. Just have fun!
Fun with games
Play board games (my grandson likes to make his own board game). Check out 
Make up your own Pictionary. Have each person start drawing a picture and others have to guess what it is.
Make up your own charade game. Act out something you do in the snow and let everyone guess. You can use other categories: sports, food, daily activities, movies, Bible characters etc.
Crafty-Art Fun
Make snow pictures. They look nice on blue or black paper. Tear paper in tiny pieces and glue to a sheet of paper. Make a snowy day picture by adding a snowman, sunshine, or evergreens.
Cotton balls, white paint, white crayons can be used to make great snow pictures.
Make snowflakes
Make a big snowman out of cotton balls, or little pieces of paper, cut out eyes, red scarf, orange carrot nose, black hat, and buttons. If you don’t have color paper you can cut the colors you need from newspaper ads, or use crayons and color white paper. Just have fun!!
REMEMBER, CHILDREN ARE GIFTS! May you enjoy being with them while they are home.

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