Never Ending Wonders

shallow focus photo of pink ceramic roses
Behold, I make all things new! Revelation 21: 5 (KJV) God has given us a new year! Let’s look at new as an acronym.
As we enter a New Year let us be aware of the” Never Ending Wonders” that God sends our way daily. For Family worship this year have each member of the family draw or write out some wonder, some way God has amazed them.  For your little ones let them draw their wonder, ask them about the picture and write down what they say. Put your creations in a decorated shoe box. Have the children decorate the box with; paper and glue, paint, crayon, or drawings.  Be creative.
Put the box in a special place and throughout the year drop a note about some way God has amazed you.
Periodically each month share some of the wonders. Put them in an envelope and label the month. Keep adding and checking each month. You now have a record of the many things you can be thankful for this year. Let us praise God, Our Awesome Wonder!
May God bless you this New Year with love, peace, mercy, grace, health, strength, safety, provisions, food, family and friends!Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on

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