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Miracle of Miracles

During this Christmas season let us daily meditate on the miracle of miracles – our Savior and Lord!

Let us also remember our children are miracles too. Moms and Dads have been given the ability to join together and produce a child. The mother is given a special place for her little miracle to grow while she or he is being formed by God. The mother is blessed by God to participate in the development of a child. Psalm 139:13 (NCV) says, “You (God) made my whole being; you (God) formed me in my mother’s body.”  When a woman gives birth, a miracle happens and the parents receive a gift from God. Psalm 127: 3 tells us children are gifts and they are also a reward from God. That should give us a good feeling when we think we have been rewarded by God.

I wonder if we consciously remember that our children are gifts would we treat them differently. No child is a mistake, no child is an accident, no child is a pain in….! Every child is a gift! Even if your child is adopted or a step-child, God has entrusted this child into your hands, and you have the opportunity to participate in your child’s spiritual birth.

Every day we have the opportunity to lead our children to the “Miracle of Miracles” – JESUS.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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