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Harvest Time: Pumpkin Fun!!

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As we enter into the fall harvest time let us make sure our children know the Lord of the Harvest-Jesus! Planting in their minds that all good things come from God is of utmost importance. Our children should have conscience awareness that God makes all food or we use food that God has made to create other food. Let’s encourage our children to eat more of the food God made and avoid too much processed food. One food that is very popular in the fall, and is very nutritious is the pumpkin. The pumpkin is very versatile and is used for soups, pies, cakes, bread, cookies and more. I’d like to share with you many learnings we can share with our children about pumpkins.                                         Pumpkin facts:

  • Pumpkins grow on the ground on vines
  • Pumpkins come in different colors: orange , yellow, green
  • Pumpkins have a rind, flesh, pulp and seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds can be eaten
  • Pumpkin is hard but softens when cooked
  • Pumpkins can be cooked in many ways

Activity: Make pumpkin bread

Get a small fresh pumpkin. Talk about the above facts. Let the child fell how hard the pumpkin is and see how difficult it is to cut open. Let them smell and feel the meat, seeds and pulp. Talk about how slimy and wet it is. Take out the seeds and wash them off, let dry and bake them with a little oil and salt, cool and eat.  There is no need to peel the pumpkin, cut the pumpkin into pieces and boil covered in water. When done the peel will come off smoothly. Drain the pumpkin and scrape the flesh from the peel. Now you are ready to decide what you want to make. If you choose to make pumpkin bread here’s a song you can use. Tune 😦 The farmer and the dell) We’re making pumpkin bread, we’re making pumpkin bread,  Praise God in Heaven we’re making pumpkin bread. We put ________ (name the ingredient) sing 2x’s in the bread, Praise God in heaven we put ____ in the bread. Sing about all of the ingredients giving God the Praise! Hope you enjoy making something with your pumpkin. As we enjoy God’s Harvest let’s remember to be thankful. To help your child learn “thank you God rhymes” get my book “Thank You God for my Food “. Blessings to you!

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