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Handling Homework Battles Part III

Every child is unique. That means everyone is different. Different doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s just different. We all have different personalities and because of that we will approach homework differently. So, this time I will be discussing how the personality types influences homework time.

Personality plays a role in

  • Moral and Spiritual Development
  • Academic performance
  • Vocational Choice
  • Popularity
  • Ability to Concentrate
  • Memory

There are four different types of personalities.

Two introverts:

  • Perfect Melancholy
  • Peaceful Phlegmatic

Two extroverts

  • Popular Sanguine
  • Powerful Choleric

Let’s look at the personality goals, needs, roles and directions of each.  


Sanguine-Have Fun

Choleric-Have Control

Melancholy-Have Perfection

Phlegmatic-Have Peace    


Sanguine-Attention and Approval

Choleric-Achievement and Appreciation

Melancholy-Order and Sensitivity

Phlegmatic-Respect and Self Worth


Sanguine-The Star

Choleric-The Director

Melancholy-The Producer

Phlegmatic-The Audience


Sanguine-The Happy Way

Choleric-My Way

Melancholy-The Right Way

Phlegmatic-The Easy Way

Now as you examine the personalities it will help understand the reason your children approach their homework differently or if you have one child you will understand his/her approach.

Let’s examine the melancholy. Since this personality likes things to be perfect the child might want to do things over if it doesn’t look perfect.  The child may want to avoid a task because he/she thinks it can’t be done perfectly. So, be sure to encourage this child and comment on how excellent the work is as she/he is working on it. This motivates them to continue.

The phlegmatic wants peace and will probably give you no battles. Since the peaceful phlegmatic likes the easy way he/she might not want to do extra work to get points. Lots of encouragement needed to make sure they finish their work.

The choleric wants control, think they know everything and will attempt to control the parent. They may argue with you about how to do the homework because he/she wants to be in control and have his/her way. She/he may insist that his/her way is the right way and may become insulting. Remain cool and let them know what you expect.

The Sanguine wants to have fun and get attention. He/she may be easily distracted and have to be reminded to go on and finish the homework. They crave attention so words like, “I see you doing your homework nicely, I’m so happy you are getting that home work finished,” can keep them on task because they want to please you. Check closely to see if homework is done or completed because they can have a tendency to tell fibs.

In the book, “Children are Gifts” find other illustrations.





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